Increase the Bookings of Your Hotel Through Any Season

People travel for various reasons. Sometimes it is for business, sometimes it is just a vacation. Depending upon the tourist attractions nearby, your hotel would have more or less occupancy. But there are certain things that you may do on your end to ensure that what you offer stands out from the other hotels. You will be able to build a beautiful experience for your consumers and also make your hotel the first choice for them when they visit again.

Here is the list of amenities that you may provide to blow your guests minds.

Welcome gifts

Depending upon the specified occasion the guests are visiting your hotel for, you may provide them some welcome gifts. If it is a bachelorette party, you may surprise the girls with some free champagne or manicure. Say your new guests are newly married, you may surprise them with chocolates. It makes the stay memorable for your guests and helps them know that you are personally invested in their comfort.

Snack baskets

Snack baskets

Guests love freebies too much. You may treat them to the local snack specialties. While they would get to try the delicious local food, they would also appreciate the lengths that you have gone to, to ensure that they have that experience. Small gestures would go a long way in helping the guests feel special.

Working spaces

There are many people who travel for business and would like a coffee shop vibe to work. You may provide some free coffee in your coworking spaces while the people work. This will ensure that they would pick your hotel the next time they are out traveling for business. They might even recommend it among their circle as the ideal place to work when traveling.

Bike options

You may maintain a fleet of bikes for the convenience of your customers. To make things interesting, you can add it to your hotel package. You would be stunned by the influx of customers thereafter. Bikes are a great way to explore the surroundings easily. It is also easier to evade the traffic on them.

Board games at room

Board games at room

Imagine a family traveling and they are out of ideas for that evening. They see your board games and have a lovely time indoors. This is the best option for laid-back travelers who wish to chill by your poolside. Board games bond the family together and help create some wonderful memories.


Winning the heart of the guests is not easy, but it is not tough either. Guests love to know that you thought about them. When you are not in any regular hotel, you would see how many guests become your repeated customer.